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The crystals you can grow with our kits look very similar to their natural counterparts, and most people will not be able to distinguish a clear quartz-like SPACE AGE CRYSTALS® cluster from real Quartz crystals which grew in Earth’s crust. The names we use – like “Quartz” or “Emerald” – reflect this similarity. Their composition, however, is different. “Real Quartz” or “real Emerald” can be grown in a laboratory, but this requires much higher temperatures and pressures than you can achieve at home.

Grown crystals are generally called “man made” or “synthetic”, although this terminology is somewhat misleading. It’s really not man who creates them but the same forces of nature that form crystals inside the Earth. You just provide the proper ingredients and conditions to get the process started – like a gardener who plants a seed in a flowerbed.

A natural Quartz crystal cluster grew deep inside the Earth’s crust in a water-filled rock cavity that contained a hot aqueous solution of silicon dioxide (SiO2). As this solution cooled down Quartz crystals started to form. The same process happens in your crystal-growing container – although at a much lower temperature and lower pressure. SPACE AGE CRYSTALS® are therefore not as hard as their natural counterparts.

While natural crystals might take thousands of years to form SPACE AGE CRYSTALS® will grow in a matter of days. You will actually see the first ones within just a few hours. They will continue to grow while the solution cools down, and can be removed from the growth container after 2-7 days. If you leave them in there longer they will, however, still grow larger as part of the solution to slowly evaporates. Depending on the humidity in your area this can take several weeks.

Growing SPACE AGE CRYSTALS® is easy since you just have to dissolve crystal growing solutions in hot water. But as with every science experiment you have to read and follow the instructions! Make sure to properly weigh or measure the amounts of crystal growing material and water to prepare the solutions.

If you use too much water, or not enough chemical, your crystal growing solution is not “supersaturated”, and no crystals will initially form. In this case you can either boil off the excess water and repeat the experiment, or allow the water to slowly evaporate.

If you get a dense layer of tiny crystals you used too little water or too much powder. You can either re-dissolve the chemical and add some water, or let the solution partially evaporate which will allow the crystals to grow bigger.

Your crystals will grow best if you select a room where the temperature does not change too much. Protect your work area in case any solution is spilled. Some of the crystal growing products contain dyes, which might stain a carpet or unprotected wood surface. Also make sure that small children do not have access the crystal growing chemicals, solutions or crystals.

Your crystals will last for decades if you keep and handle them properly. A glass display case offers of course the best protection. Dust should be removed with a soft brush or a hair drier. Do not wash the crystals with water.