Meet Kristal’s President

From an early age, Michael could be found growing crystals, exploring caves, and digging in local quarries. In his many “EXPEDITIONS!” around the world, he would discover all sorts of mysterious and sometimes even very valuable treasures. On his quest to find the mystical Propalaeotherium – a 47.6-million-year-old fossilized mammal related to the horse, he often went into a slate pit in Germany called “Grube Messel.” It is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, where scientists dig for rare and valuable fossils.

Science and discovery also run deep in his family. It was his uncle Heinz who founded Kristal! in 1978 with the original “Kristalle Selber Züchten!” und “Kristall Labor”, while studying for his masters in physics. Using his very own bathtub (don’t try this at home kids!), he began growing super-sized single crystals and crystal clusters for international gem and toy shows. “I can still remember my grandmother’s face when she saw the entire bathtub filled with sparkling crystals!”, Michael remembers smiling.

In 1983, during one of Michael’s archaeological digs at an ancient 2000-year-old Roman villa, while under the strict supervision of the local university, the idea for “DIG & DISCOVER KITS FOR KIDS” was conceived. No wonder that the founding legacy toys of Kristal! were the original crystal-growing kits “SPACE AGE CRYSTALS”, and the super fun “EXPEDITION! Dig & Discover” series. He can proudly say:”WE ARE THE ORIGINAL!”.

In the mid-’90s, Kristal! also proudly helped fund and develop “GAS 450” crystal-growing student experiments, which were flown on board the US Space Shuttle (STS 57, etc.).

Kristal! continues his fun and exploring ways today. Look out for Kristal!’s unique and creative new product developments in everything from space experiments to environmentally related toys, to the latest in hi-tech related science kits.


Why discovery is so important

Sparking a child’s fascination in sciences can be the vital experience that leads to becoming a contributing scientist just a few years down the road. If kids are interested in science, the world needs them. More and more science experts and engineers will be required to help solve humankind’s self-induced problems, and help discover and solve the mysteries of our universe!

Currently, not enough kids are taking an interest in the most important math and science areas on our planet – including environmental sciences. Smart kids are getting smarter than ever, but a lot of children are falling behind, or do not have access to education at all. Many of them are simply not learning basic skills like patience, endurance, attention-to-detail, prioritization and just plain hands-on work to reach a particular goal.

Kristal! Educational Toys are designed to encourage and support an interest in science and technology – without forgetting to be fun. Our toys help children set goals, get engaged and become personally responsible for their project.

Ultimately, your child will produce a beautiful collectible, and personal accomplishment that they can proudly display or trade. Combine this with a parent’s support and the acknowledgment of their success, and these lessons can last a lifetime.


Smart Toys “Made in Canada”

Kristal Educational is a proud Canadian “educational toy & games” company that has won over 35 major toy awards since 2007 for their innovative, fun and creative playthings. Being the original developers of the patented Space Age Crystal Growing Kits (no more boiling water required!) and the Dig & Discover series, Kristal Educational clearly stands apart with its easy-to-use, safe, hands-on activity kits.